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Estate Parking News

The Council is reviewing parking rules in Hackney. The Parking Enforcement Plan, which has recently closed to public consultation, is the primary parking policy and strategy document governing parking decisions in Hackney for the next 5 years until 2026.

The plan is wide ranging. Among other things it covers parking on housing estates, parking fees, who is eligible for permits and also proposes raising tariffs on graduated scale for more polluting vehicles, to be introduced gradually over the period of the 5 year plan. So owners of vehicles with diesel engines and/or larger engines will be charged more.

Concessions will be made to owners/drivers of electric vehicles who will be charged less and nothing at all if the vehicle is zero polluting.

Much more information is in the full plan which is available here;

Hackney Council is working in conjunction with Breathe London to raise awareness among residents about air quality in their neighbourhoods and how they can get involved to monitor this.

The Breathe London network offers affordable, easy-to-install and maintain air quality sensors to anyone in order to encourage citizen and community – led monitoring of air quality on their street. Go to www.breatheLondon for more information

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